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Contains a newly designed and patented protective barrier membrane and are equipped with a patented capillary-action tip that guarantees a smoother ink flow for longer periods of time.

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Gen As

With a patented ink capillary design that holds more ink.

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Gen B

With a patented stabilizing membrane to prevent ink backflow.

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Gen C

Axial force stabilizes and guides the needle with ease.

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A wide selection to choose from. Shop by colour and brand.

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What our artists are saying:

T-Tech cartridges are sturdy. They have a great reservoir to hold ink. They always push the ink in where I need it with no issues. I am a colour artist mainly doing comic book characters to cartoons and more.

@lyndon_minor_tattooist – Lyndon Minor

I love your products, all of them, really. The thing I like best is the next day delivery and the fact that you always have everything in stock. I like 9 mags curved and 7 mag curved long taper. The C generation is too good to improve.

@clumsysurgeon – Ericksen Linn

I have been using T-Tech carts for 7 years now. The new generation A’s are my favorite. The bugpin mags ruck some smooth black and grey for application and the square mags work amazingly for color packing. These are all around the most consistent needless I have used and I have used a lot of different brands!

@tattoosbydamenjo – Damen jo Sckelter

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