About Us

Changing the tattoo equipment game

Specializing in the manufacturing and distributing of proprietary needle cartridges and grips, T-Tech has been moving tattoo equipment technology forward for over 15 years.

How it all began

In 2008, our founder/owner and current mechanical engineer believed compatible tattoo needle cartridges were the future of the industry. He was captivated by the idea of designing highly efficient top-quality products for tattooists around the world and confident in T-Tech’s ability to deliver innovative products.

Cutting edge technology

We re-designed the existing needle cartridge system for precision and efficiency, applied for a patent, and by 2010, our company was shipping internationally from the Toronto headquarters.

“Our drive continues to be simple – to find the best manufacturers and use only top-quality medical-grade materials for every product we deliver.”

The future of T-Tech

Innovation is our mission

Our goal is to offer tattooists the best experience while maintaining the highest standards of design, hygiene, quality control, and technology. That’s why our engineers are hard at work to innovate and develop new products and provide our valued clients with the best possible experiences.

Quality is our vision

T-Tech aims to supply specially-engineered high-quality tattoo equipment and accessories while maintaining affordable prices for our products. We recognize the importance of quality in all tattoo supplies, as well as needle precision and full compatibility of our items with other products on the market.

We continuously aim to up our product quality and functionality in order to improve the tattooing experience for both our artists and their clients.

“We aspire to create re-imagined and fully patented designs of their favorite products.”