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I had the opportunity to use the T-Tech cartridge’s here already when I was learning to tattoo. My friend and homie tattoo artist recommended them to me as the best way to make a quality tattoo. Years passed and at one time when these cartridges could not be bought here, I was forced to try different brands. In the end, however, I quickly returned to the good old T-Tech cartridges, because their smoothness and accuracy have no competition on the market. I personally use GEN B and I don’t wanna to change it. I am happy that I can be a part and face of a brand that makes needles honestly from the beginning. It is an honor for me and another small dream come true.

@tondrik_tattoo - Tondrik

TTech was the first company I had seen or heard of back in 2013 that had a cartridge system. I was a young tattertot still using steel tubes and needle bars when my mentor and best friend told me about the disposable cartridges. I was mind blown that you could change groupings with a simple click, and only have to use 1 machine setup. I used TTech for the majority of my career, switching brands here and there to try out what was coming out as the cartridge system took over the tattoo industry. One thing that was always reliable was TTechs system. Their price point, shipping time, and overall quality, reliability and consistency made them a standout company to me. You knew when you got your order in, that they were going to do what you expected them to do. I am super excited to be offered the chance to represent that very same company today as a TTech artist, and will continue to promote these needles as the best in the craft!

@mtptattoo - Mitchell Pivarski

I’ve been using t tech cartridges for roughly a decade now and I can honestly say hand on heart I doubt I’ll use another cartridge ever again. I’ve worked my way through all the leading brands and nothing stands up to the needle quality they provide. Nothing but consistency and good quality make these needles stand head and shoulder above the rest!

@littlenicktattoo - Nick Imms

Calidad, precisión y la mejor inyección de tinta! Los cartuchos T-tech no pueden hacer falta en mi mesa de trabajo y en cada unos de mis tattoos.

@QuinteroTattoo - QuinteroTattoo

I love T-Tech needles because I love providing my clients the absolute best quality work that I can offer. To do so I need to have the best materials. T-tech is the most consistent in the game  when it comes to their needles. I’ve been using them for the entirety of my career and their needles are a solid staple in my set up.

@breestallworthtattoo - Bree Stallworth-Rouse

I first started using T-Tech back in 2017 and quickly fell in love with how reliable they were. Being able to focus on the application of each tattoo without the stress of the quality of the cartridges you use is paramount. They have every grouping I use on a daily basis to render my tattoos quickly and efficiently. I can say without a doubt T-Techs are the gold standard for tattoo cartridges.

@ - Tyler Halle

T-tech have always been my favourite needles. I learned to tattoo with them. I’ve used every brand I can think of, just to see what their differences are, and always kept coming back to T-Techs for their unparalleled colour saturation, and rigidity. There is no comparison. For a colour realism artist it’s so important to saturate enough in one pass, without overworking the skin. Other needles simply don’t perform in the same way. This is from 7 years of observing work coming back to me, trying different major brands, and making notes.

@burch_tattoos - Mete Burch Bator
“I love ttech cartridges. They are consistent. Reliable and smooth. I know when I buy a box of cartridges I will always get the same craftsmanship and consistency with every line, shading and colour packing.”
@psych_ink - Psych Young

Ttech were the first carts i used back then when standard needles still were the go to for most tattooers. I tested pretty much everything the market has to offer and they are the only brand i did stick to. Needles are sharp, tips precise and the inkflow is perfect. They simply never disappoint and keep the quality at a constant high level. Try them yourself, best there is. 

@skinpaintertattoo - skinpaintertattoo

I can say I tried most of the cartridges out there, and I found T-tech liners one of the most reliable, steady and consistent liners. Same can be said about the Mags. Smooth, gentle with the skin but with a hard kick, which is perfect for my style. But the difference is for me, steady needles and reliable, which does not disappoint. Like in a box, 20 of 20 are the same quality. - George.Z

From the very first time I used T-Tech I could tell they were something special. I have been tattooing for over 16 years and I have been fortunate enough to be very experimental with my equipment and try almost anything I can find on the market. Taking into consideration quality, useability, results. healing and price. I can confidently say that T-Tech needles are the best needle cartridge I personally have found available on the market.

@tattoosbycolin - Colin Woolford

T-Tech cartridges are sturdy. They have a great reservoir to hold ink. They always push the ink in where I need it with no issues. I am a colour artist mainly doing comic book characters to cartoons and more.

@lyndon_minor_tattooist - Lyndon Minor

I love your products, all of them, really. The thing I like best is the next day delivery and the fact that you always have everything in stock. I like 9 mags curved and 7 mag curved long taper. The C generation is too good to improve.

@clumsysurgeon - Ericksen Linn

I have been using T-Tech carts for 7 years now. The new generation A’s are my favorite. The bugpin mags ruck some smooth black and grey for application and the square mags work amazingly for color packing. These are all around the most consistent needless I have used and I have used a lot of different brands!

@tattoosbydamenjo - Damen jo Sckelter

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