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Smart Tattooing at the Age of Social Media

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Social media is an exceptional tool that brings people together. From forming your circles, sharing ideas and expertise, as well as finding your niche to growing your following and getting new clients – anything is possible! For the most part, having a social media account for tattoo artists is a no-brainer. You showcase your work, gain following, attract new clients, get sponsorship, as well as interact with members of the tattoo community which could mean a guest artist spot at that shop you really like! However, a lot of social media success can be attributed to how much thought you put into your social media presence.

If you follow any vlogger, blogger or anybody-who-is-somebody on social media you’ll know that lack of consistency, for example, can be a real deal breaker when it comes to growing your social media ranking. The amount of thought and fine-tuning that goes into successful social media accounts is baffling and deserves a series of applause. That’s why we decided to share some marketable elements that are common across thriving social media accounts.  Let’s begin!

What Apps to Use?

When entering the game of digital marketing, as an artist you must remember who you’re trying to reach. Treat your digital media accounts like a soft copy of your portfolio that you would show to your clients or prospective sponsors. Focus on managing visually-focused social media platforms, such as Instagram, SnapChat, and Pinterest, where you can quickly add and caption pictures of your work. If you’re wondering why Facebook and Twitter aren’t shortlisted, the answer is simple – context. As an artist, you’re showcasing your art and your skill to prospective clients and sponsors and unless you’re a social media aficionado, managing multiple profiles can become pretty hectic. So if you’re new to the digital world don’t worry and take it slow with one or two social profiles to start.

Profile Page

One of the most interesting things that successful social media accounts have in common is the amount of thought put into their main profile pages. Usually, social media profiles have three main elements, profile photo, description and layout of posts. Look at Instagram, for example. The hat of your profile is the smallest part and allows limited space for your description.

Profile Description

Think about what will make YOUR profile stand out among thousands of other artists. It’s a good idea to write a short, comprehensive summary that could include your tattooing style, a location of work, as well as method of contacting you for booking appointments beyond personal messages. It’s a good practice to attach all your social media accounts to your work-related email. That way you will never lose any of your contacts and can invite your existing customers as your followers.

Profile Picture

Adding a good profile picture is another strategy of instigating interest in potential clients and followers. Remember, that visual platforms like SnapChap, IG and Pinterest are usually accessed on mobile devices, which means people who view your profile will have a hard time seeing details on the small profile picture. It’s a perfect place for a logo, a small tattoo, or even a selfie. Making your followers squint at your profile picture is, however, a faux pas.

Choosing your Handle

What about your handle, or the name you fancy for your social profile? That’s another often overlooked part. Make it as short and easy, yet as distinctive as you possibly can. Make it memorable and your followers will thank you for it when it comes to tagging you in various comments and posts of healed tattoos that you’ve mastered for them!

Posting With Logic

If your social media account serves primarily as a portfolio – treat it as such. The “rules” are simple – regularly add new photos, tag people in your picture description, pay respects to tattoo companies you’ve used to create your work with, and of course, give thanks to your wonderful customers.


And now, we are ready to talk about hashtags. While mostly overused, hashtags are a great way of reaching broader audiences and sharing your work across the globe without a problem. The commonly accepted number of hashtags to use is under ten per post. Just because somebody uses twenty of them on their page, doesn’t mean the post will get a better viewing. In fact, research has commonly shown that followers do dislike an abundant amount of filler words.

Here is how to use hashtags wisely and to your advantage. Always have a healthy balance between popular and semi-popular mentions. The rule of thumb is the more posts are associated with a hashtag – the less visible your post will be among others; when a hashtag has very few posts related to it, fewer viewers will discover your post at all.

Open Conversation

A key thing to remember is that social media is conversation-oriented, so don’t be afraid to respond to people and participate in comments on pages of artists that you like. Just remember, that seeking attention is not the way to get attention. Being helpful, resourceful, and respectful to your peers online is what attracts followers and prospective clients to visit your page and follow along on your journey.

Photo Quality

When posting pictures of your work, it’s always a good idea to use simple logic such as making sure that the lighting is right, the image is properly centered, and if you have to use filters, choose one or two main image filters that you like best to give your page a visual consistency. The art of maintaining your profile lies in such details and contributes to the overall success of your page.

Use Different Media

Remember that visually rich social media accounts let your followers view your profile as a whole and as an artist you can use incredibly neat tricks to make your profile stand out. You can begin by trying out different types of media and seeing what combination works best for you. Play around with posting photos and videos of your work, adding boomerang snippets, or even sharing pictures of yourself behind the scenes, so that your followers have a better understanding of who YOU are and how awesome it would be to work with YOU.

Value-Adding Methods

To further strengthen your profile image, you should think about what value you bring to the table. For example, let people know when you have available sessions, where they can book their appointments if you’re going to be in a different city as a guest artist, or how to sign up for a session. Maybe you’re diving into a new style of tattooing and have incredible new designs that you offer at a discount, or perhaps you want to create a contest for a free one-hour session. Let your followers know about these things and always, ALWAYS try to make your profiles as interactive as you can. It will add value to your profile and show off your personality in the digital realm!

Lastly, remember to maintain communication with your clients. It’s always good to ask them to send you healed tattoo photos or to tag you in their posts on social media. This seemingly simple step is often overlooked, but it creates a much more real and open environment between you and your future clients as well as with your followers.