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Boxing Day Sale!

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What is a Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a “little” known holiday observed across 52 of the Commonwealth nations including Britain, Australia, and Canada on the day after Christmas. While it may sound unfamiliar to our artists outside the Commonwealth, the holiday takes its origin in Britain, where it was customary to gift a Christmas-Box to people in service-oriented industries. The Christmas-Box contained money and was gifted as a form of a personal gratuity (an annual tip, if you will) for the services rendered throughout the year by tradesmen, postal workers, etc.

What do you do on Boxing Day?

Nowadays, Boxing Day has evolved into a statutory holiday (bank holiday in the UK). It offers the opportunity for people to be immersed in the beauty of buying their favorite products at a discount while enjoying a day off work. Ironically, many service workers still have to show up to work that day rather than collect their Christmas Boxes by knocking on people’s houses, 19th Century style.

For online businesses, Boxing Day is a perfect time to offer discounts just before the New Year’s celebration. People can get a few more gifts on sale for themselves and their loved ones.

What does Boxing Day mean for T-Tech?

T-Tech cartridges have been around for nearly a decade, however, with conservatively priced items, a sale has not been previously introduced to our clients. Over the years, we have been grateful to serve thousands of artists from every corner of the globe, and it has been a humbling experience! To show our appreciation, we wanted to give something in return. As a team, we have decided to bring a holiday miracle and give our tattoo artists an opportunity to purchase their favorite products with a discount and take part in the annual Boxing Day Sale!

T-Tech Sale

This year, T-Tech is offering 10% off all purchases over 199$ on December 26, 2017. Not only does it mark a line of Firsts for the brand, but we are opening the doors to new opportunities and will be welcoming 2018 with a whole new lot of Firsts!

What to expect in 2018

If you have been using T-Tech cartridges and grips, you are likely aware that the new generation of cartridges is about to make an appearance! While it is still a few months away, we promise you dear customers; it is well worth the wait! In the meantime, we are honored to offer you the Boxing Day discount, and we hope that the New Year will bring all of you happiness and many great opportunities!